The Owl Prophecy Game Studio


Circuitous Released on Steam!

The Owl Prophecy’s very first venture into game development, Circuitous, is now released! Finally with grit and determination... and maybe just a little bit of tears and rocking senselessly in the corner at times, we’ve made it to early access and people are finally playing our game.

Circuitous Integrates Steam Scores

Steam integration with Unity so far has gone smoothly. However, we ran into several challenges when attempting to integrate score boards with Unity and Steam.

New Campaign Selection Screen

User testing revealed that the campaign selection screen could be improved, so we went back to the drawing board. We looked at a variety of approaches, and we agreed that we should utilize more of the real estate of the screen.

Major Refactor of the Game Client

Real life interrupted us for a few months, but starting in January we're back on track. So goes the life of a part time indie game developer. One of the advantages of taking some time off was the opportunity to rethink the game client.

New Theme: Neon Arcade

Over the past couple months, we've been working with some new artists to develop some new themes. One of the artists created these awesome rings, which became the foundation of a new theme called the "Neon Arcade".



Partnership with Plug In Digital

We looked at several companies and in the end we decided to go with Plug In Digital as our distribution partner. We're excited to partner with them! They have shown themselves to be professional and flexible at the same time. Some of the other distribution companies we looked at had unreasonable or strange terms in the contract and were unwilling to make any contract adjustments.

Invisigun Heroes Hang Out

I had a chance to hang out with Shadi, the creator of Invisigun Heroes. He imparted much wisdom to this newbie indie game developer. Shadi is a true indie developer - someone who left the work-a-day world and the luxury of steady pay to go all-in on his current venture, Invisigun Heroes.

Circuitous - Testing the Concept

When I first began developing stages for Circuitous, I was mostly focused on creating something very rudimentary to test the game mechanic. Was it fun? Did I want to keep playing? Could I procedurally generate levels that were still playable?

Circuitous Math Fundamentals

During the first couple months of the game, I struggled to get my designs to align properly. Simple spinners looked fine, but any time I wanted to do a more sophisticated design that required a more precise alignment, it wouldn’t work.

Circuitous: The Inspiration

The idea for Circuitous has bounced around in my mind for many years. The original Mass Effect game, released in 2007, featured some interesting mini-games. One of those mini-games was a circular-Frogger game.

Laser Defender

The next game I'm working is inspired by Space Invaders and is called Laser Defender. The player, represented by a spaceship, moves left and right while shooting projectiles at the incoming waves of enemies.

Block Breaker

The next game we are learning is Block Breaker, similar to the classic Arkanoid. The goal is to create a game where a paddle at the bottom launches a ball that breaks bricks at the top. The challenge will be to add background music, sound effects, and visual effects for blocks breaking. Once all of the bricks are gone, we move on to the next level without interrupting the music.

Circuitous: A Step Backward

I have to do this backward. Because I started late. I didn’t realize blogging about your game development was a thing. That’s the thing about this thing. There’s so much to learn beyond just the bytes and bits. So now I’ll attempt to catch you up on my journey by starting two months prior to now.