The Owl Prophecy Game Studio

Major Refactor of the Game Client

Real life interrupted us for a few months, but starting in January we're back on track. So goes the life of a part time indie game developer. One of the advantages of taking some time off was the opportunity to rethink the game client.

We were initially building a game that included a designer and the player together, and all the logic for creating interesting patterns lived inside the production code. We've now broken the designer away from what we now call the game client. The game client reads files to load the levels and all the logic for generating patterns is now stripped out. The fancy level designer is now stripped down to a simpler level builder. Doing this decreased the size of the build by over 200MB and now we can have a light weight builder for casual players and an advanced designer for modders. 

Here is a shot of the current lightweight builder:



Here is a sample of the new file format: