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Invisigun Heroes Hang Out

I had a chance to hang out with Shadi, the creator of Invisigun Heroes. He imparted much wisdom to this newbie indie game developer. Shadi is a true indie developer - someone who left the work-a-day world and the luxury of steady pay to go all-in on his current venture, Invisigun Heroes. I was shocked to find out that he actually is a hand-rod puppet. I just thought that was clever gimmick for his Kickstarter campaign.

He clued me in on a range of topics, from the Vlambeer tookit, to the super successful reinvention of asteroids, Geometry Wars. If you are a Unity developer, you’ll find his developer blog handy – it has lots of great tips and tricks for Unity game developers.

And don’t forget to check out his game, Invisigun Heroes, now on Steam and coming soon to other platforms.