The Owl Prophecy Game Studio

Circuitous Integrates Steam Scores

Steam integration with Unity so far has gone smoothly. However, we ran into several challenges when attempting to integrate score boards with Unity and Steam.

Circuitous is a fast-paced game and boards are completed quickly, especially by experienced players. We first issue we encountered is that Steam throttles player updates to score boards. Once a player sends around 10 updates to the same board within a certain amount of time, that player will be blocked from further updated for a lengthy period. Unfortunately, there is very little documentation on this topic from Steam. In the end, we went with a score queue that sends the latest high scores to steam around once a minute. We’ll see how this plays out when the game goes live.

The second issue we ran into was the lack of documentation regarding leader boards. We were able to find documentation for creating and implementing leader boards, but it was more difficult to find documentation on reading and displaying them. Fortunately, others out there posted their solutions online so we figured it out eventually. Here’s the current Steam score page: